2005_09_mta.jpgAnother day means another load of MTA-related stories, but today has an unsual breadth of topics. This is what we found from a sampling of our favorite daily reads:
- The City may intervene and make the MTA use surplus money to avoid fare and toll hikes next year; and yes, it might be re-election year politics at play [Newsday]
- The subway radio system is 30% more expensive than originally thought, overdue, and possibly crappy [Daily News]
- The NYPD's subway surveillance camera pilot program was "scrapped" because it wasn't approved, even though cameras were set up in some stations [NY Post]
- The MTA will build another bus depot in Staten Island, plus increase the number of buses in Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn [NY Times]

It's definitely a mixed bag: One screw up was from the NYPD, while the radio one might be an MTA original. More buses are good, and as much as Gothamist would love to avoid a fare hike, we have to agree with what the Straphangers' Gene Russianoff tells Newsday: "The long-term picture of the MTA is poor," he said, calling a plan to dip into the surplus to hold off fares "sort of robbing Peter to pay Paul."