2007_01_statlibmm.jpgIf you happen to see a huge, green M&M dressed as the Statue of Liberty in the harbor, you are not hungover, it is a Statue of Liberty M&M floating by.

Why M&M's has created a 50-foot tall green lady M&M to echo our iconic Frederic Auguste Bartholdi statue? Why, to promote its new PLANET M website, where you can design a M&M avatar, of course.

While we missed the 6:45am moment when the "Statue of Liberty M&M is going to be lined up right next to the Statue of Liberty," we found out the other photo ops:
10:30am -- M&M is going to float by South Street Seaport
2pm -- M&M is floating by Chelsea Piers.

We saw the M&M on Channel 7 - it looked very lime green, perhaps because of the sun. Other NYC M&M moments: When thousands tried to get a job at the M&Ms World Store in Times Square and when a M&M balloon fell into the crowd during the 2005 Thanksgiving Day Parade.