The new accusations against A-Rod in the upcoming biography on him—that he used steroids while on the Yankees and tipped off pitches to opposing players—are now being looked into by Major League Baseball. Officials had already met with A-Rod to ask questions soon after his initial admissions of using illegal steroids while with Texas Rangers. A sports law expert told the Times, “The last thing (Commissioner Bud Selig) wants is for someone else, like the federal government or Congress, to try and intercede and take this matter out of his hands.”

League officials may have their work cut out for themselves however. Without much precedence, there isn't much the MLB can threaten in order to force players to talk. When asked today, Derek Jeter said that he had not been contacted by any league brass about A-Rod. On Friday, investigators did contact the book's author, Selena Roberts, but she told them that there was little she could share since it would be a conflict of interest.

Yankee Manager Joe Girardi got a little testy today when he was asked about the newest accusations against A-Rod. Girardi said, "I get tired of answering these questions. I don't understand why someone would write a book like this anyway....There's things in my life that I'm not proud of, that I've done. I wouldn't want my kids to have to deal with it. You know, I tell my kids that daddy makes mistakes. I do, and I apologize for them. I say 'Daddy's not perfect.' It's not necessarily something that I would want them to read about all the time and to be the focus." Are these skeletons in Girardi's closet interesting enough to make it to Page Six? Stay tuned!

As for those salacious charges thrown at A-Rod, the Post naturally shares some of the more personal items that come out in Roberts's book. The owner of a Dallas sex club that A-Rod allegedly visited calls him "not the smartest guy in the world" for showing up in a Yankee cap. The book also makes it sound like A-Rod flaunted his affair with Madonna around other players last year. One teammate tells Roberts, "Obsessed, pretty much. It was like, 'OK, Alex, you're with Madonna. And I'd give you a big high-five for that -- 15 years ago.' Hey, she looks great, but she's 50. It's like sleeping with your mother."