There's nothing like a tizzy over Barack and Michelle Obama's meeting Queen Elizabeth. First of all, there's the Obamas' gift to the Queen—apparently an iPod loaded with Broadway showtunes, photographs of the Queen's 2007 U.S. visit, and some Obama speeches plus a rare Richard Rodgers-signed songbook. Gawker points out that the Queen gave them a signed, silver-framed photograph of herself but the NY Post thinks the president's gift was an "iDud". But get the smelling salts ready: The Daily Mail reports the Queen, commenting on Michelle Obama's height, "put her arm around Mrs Obama and rested her gloved hand on the small of her back," so the First Lady put her arm around Her Majesty: "No-one - including the ladies-in-waiting standing nearby - could believe their eyes. In 57 years, the Queen has never been seen to make that kind of gesture and it is certainly against all protocol to touch her." Other Brits are happy with Michelle Obama's touchy-feely nature—a cancer patient said, "I didn't think I'd be allowed to touch her, but she just stopped and wrapped her arms around me. It was amazing."