The NYC Housing Authority's decision to ban dogs over 25 pounds and certain breeds, including pit bulls, Doberman pinschers, and Rotterwilers—and Boston terriers and Shar Peis (puppy pictured)— has relieved some while riled up others. A LaGuardia Houses resident and owner of a miniature Doberman told the NY Times, "I think it’s great. In my building there’s a pit bull. He looks at Dobie like he wants to eat him," but others say it's "dog profiling that unfairly singles out three entire breeds and treats owners of those dogs as potential problem tenants." The ASPCA said the policy "discriminates against responsible dog guardians on both counts," and the American Kennel Club notes the City Council acknowledged (in Admin. Code Section 27-2009.1) pets are kept "for reasons of safety and companionship." The AKC says dogs passing its Canine Good Citizen program should be able to stay and offers to help "develop a model pet policy." The list of banned breeds is here (PDF, p. 11). Also, all dogs in NY State are supposed to be licensed and all dogs in NYC must wear their licenses when in public.