Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg announced that the city would save 4,400 teachers slated to be laid off (due to budget issues) by canceling their raises. At first, United Federation of Teachers union president Michael Mulgrew objected to the news, saying the mayor doesn't have the power to freeze pay, but he later said, "We're very happy that 4,400 members will not be getting layoff notices," adding, "But we haven't agreed to anything. We have got to stay focused on getting money from Albany and Washington, D.C."

As for teachers themselves, they seem split on the news. Joan Shur, a 55-year-old teacher at JFK High School, told the NY Times, "[The Bloomberg administration has] been cruel to the older teachers. They want the younger ones because they can get two for one," because new teachers make half the salary of an older one. However, her colleague at the school, Jason Hull, 38, said, "In light of the situation in Albany. I think it’s fair, absolutely, as long as there are no givebacks or layoffs."