Here are some quotes, given during the terms limits bill signing hearing, that Mayor Bloomberg listened to/had to endure:

  • "You're public enemy number one! That's all I have to say. To hell with your agenda!" - Brooklyn resident David Tieu, 21; the Daily News said Tieu said he "dropped out of City University because of tuition hikes." The Times has big photograph of Tieu gesturing at Bloomberg and the Post has video of him (video after the jump) accusing Bloomberg of driving out the working class.
  • The Times noted that Patrice Senior, "a nurse from Brooklyn, accused Mr. Bloomberg of 'plantation politics.'"
  • "I've never seen a man more arrogant than you." - Michael Ribnicki, who the Post says is a retired postal worker from the Upper East Side.
  • "Seeking a third term had nothing to do with an economic crisis. It had to do with your inflated ego ... I suggest you run as the hack-party candidate." - 81-year-old Ben Haber, retired lawyer.
  • "You have everything well oiled, and I would like you to sign this so the people of New York City have a choice to keep you in office." - Jill Whitaker, personal assistant in Manhattan.
  • "Mayor Bloomberg is the right person at the right time." - Building and Construction Trades Council president Edward Molloy

The Times reported, "137 people spoke — 68 against the legislation and 65 for it, according to a tally by The New York Times. Four people did not make their preferences known. (One man simply brandished a copy of his résumé and asked the billionaire mayor for a job 'with a six-figure salary.')"

Of course, Mayor Bloomberg did sign the bill, but pointed out he is not elected yet. Bloomberg believes he's giving NYC voters more choice by extending term limits and throwing his (third-party) hat into the ring next year.