Corporate Cannibal, Savior of The Olympics That Happened 9 Years Ago and GOP Presidential front-runner Mitt Romney was in Virginia Beach yesterday at a $1,200/plate fundraiser, when he announced his short list for VP candidates. New Jersey governor Chris Christie was second, behind the governor of Virginia (for the hometown crowd). While Christie has completely shot down any hope that he'll run for president, that wouldn't necessarily preclude him from a VP run. He was just in Iowa, after all. And if Romney offers to change the job title to "Vice President Of Kick-Ass Helicopters," Christie would be powerless to resist.

Despite the country's love affair with Christie, he still has much to do for his own state: 53 percent of New Jersey voters in a recent poll [pdf] disapproved of the job he was doing, and his recent support of the state's medical marijuana initiative can be seen as a sign that he's attempting to rebuild some of the bridges he's burned with the state legislature's Democrats, who he needs to get anything done.

Whether or not Romney just floated Christie's name for an endorsement is yet to be seen, but Christie has to hope that Gawker's lawsuit to discover whether or not FOX News chief Roger Ailes is a "political consultant" comes up with nothing. Maybe Gawker could just hack into Christie's phone messages to find out if the two really are BFF?