Mitt Romney was on FOX News today to defend the negative ads the pro-Romney Restore Our Future PAC is running against Newt Gingrich. Presumably showing off some of the skills he displayed at an impromptu Comedy Cellar appearance he made in the city last week, Romney said, “If you can’t stand the heat in this little kitchen, wait until the Obama hell’s kitchen turns up the heat." Who knew the endless flow of corporate money reducing our electoral process to a shameless bidding war could be so funny?

Last week, the candidate had all of his circuits air-cleaned and his voice synthesis and gesture expression modulated dined with Jets owner Woody Johnson, hedge fund manager John Paulson and the megalomaniacal head of Blackstone, Steve "Skin In the Game" Schwarzman. According to the Daily News, Romney raised $2 million altogether.

Gingrich, who has pledged to not go negative, has good reason to whine about these ads: they're absolutely killing him with GOP primary voters. Here's a taste of the latest one:

That about covers all the bases (except for the bases lined in Tiffany's bracelets and infidelity). For a less-colored view of Gingrich, check out PBS Frontline's series, The Long March of Newt Gingrich. Bet you can't watch just one! This episode features not-so-fond remembrances from Gingrich's mother when she found out that young "Newty" had been making out with his 24-year-old high school math teacher in the woods.

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