2007_11_Stata.gifWhat is it about Frank Gehry? When The Boston Globe reported this week that the architect (and a construction firm) is being sued by MIT, news organizations from Kansas City to Dublin reported the story. Does Gehry have a building in KC, too? Apparently, not, but he raised controversy there over an arena bid. Sound familiar?!

The university filed a negligence and breach of contract suit, alleging design flaws in the $300 million Stata Center that caused leaks, cracked masonry, mold and backed-up drainage. Yuck! Gehry was paid $15 million to design the building, which was partly funded by Bill Gates. Boston Globe architecture critic Robert Campbell wrote in 2004 that the building "is always going to look unfinished. It also looks as if it's about to collapse." He also wrote this:

In architecture, you don't get to test a prototype to work out the bugs, the way you do with a new car design. The prototype is the final building. For that reason, new ideas are always a risk. We should come back in a year or two and see how the Stata is actually working.

How prescient! Gehry is no stranger to lawsuits: Last spring he was sued over the jewelry line he designed for Tiffany & Co. Will Gehry suffer the same fate over Miss Brooklyn? And we'll wait for Barry Diller to decide what he wants to do about the IAC Building.