One-time mayoral hopeful Malcolm Smith, the State Senator from Queens, was arrested last year for allegedly taking bribes to get onto the Republican mayoral ballot. Today, a federal judge ordered a mistrial.

An undercover FBI agent and a cooperating witness posed as developers who wanted to get their projects up and running. During meetings in note rooms and restaurants, the feds claimed that money was exchanged to get Smith, a registered Democrat, on the ballot.

The Wall Street Journal reports, "At issue are 9,000 conversations—secretly recorded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and involving a government cooperating witness—that prosecutors didn't turn over to defense attorneys before the trial began. Some of the conversations are in Yiddish. Defense attorneys said the recordings contain information that could help their clients. Prosecutors argued that the recordings contained no information relevant to the trial." For example, a prosecutor said one conversation was five minutes on "how to spell Ritz-Carlton."

The NY Times adds, "[S]everal jurors said they could not extend their service until mid-July, which would have been necessary so that defense lawyers would have time to digest 9,000 conversations in Yiddish and English."

The retrial is in January.