The judge overseeing the trial for the murder of WABC Radio newsman George Weber called a mistrial, after the jury announced it was deadlocked after three days of deliberations. Actually, the judge called a mistrial twice. According to the Post, Judge Neil Firetog initially called a mistrial but then reversed that decision after meeting with the jurors, who said they wanted to try again, which prompted a lawyer for defendant John Katehis to say, "That’s crazy. This is unconscionable. This should not be done."

Katehis confessed to killing Weber in March 2009, after meeting him on Craigslist (Katehis says Weber was going to pay him $60 for S&M play), but said it was an accident. However, Prosecutors pointed to the fact that Katehis, just 17 at the time, stabbed Weber dozens of times and stole from him; defense lawyer Jeffrey Schwartz said he acted in self-defense from a predatory adult who plied him with drugs and alcohol.

The jurors apparently tried to deliberate again, but wanted then asked the judge if they could talk to the lawyers. Firetog called a mistrial again, and Schwartz asked, "No backsies this time, judge?" Schwartz also asked for a bail hearing.