To pump her book's release today (!), Sheryl Weinstein dished about her alleged relationship with Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff on Good Morning, America. Weinstein, who claims she met Madoff while she was the CFO of the Hadassah organization, has packaged her "21-year" affair and related loss of savings (she invested all her family's money with him) into the tome Madoff's Other Secret. She told GMA's Chris Cuomo, "He really got into it more emotionally than he expected to. I think he loved me and was very afraid of that type of connection," adding, "I knew instantly that he was attracted to me."

As for why she's written the book—which includes observations like, "Bernie had a very small penis. Not only was it on the short side, it was small in circumference... I liked this man and didn’t want to emasculate him. His tiny penis hadn’t prevented me from climaxing...On the bright side, oral sex would be a breeze"—Weinstein explained, "Investing money, investing my family's money was my responsibility. When this happened, the feelings of guilt, responsibility, failure became overwhelming... I don't have any art, I don't have any jewelry. What I have to sell is my story." Oh, so that's why her husband is okay with it.

Weinstein was also asked if she'd like to say anything to her former swain, she said that "this immense human tragedy ... will survive," and "he shouldn't have stolen money from somebody you have a relationship with." Uh, how about Madoff shouldn't have stolen money from anyone period?