This morning, during a third search of 2 Rector Street, police found a body stuffed into a 12th floor air conditioning vent, and the body has been identified as that of Eridania Rodriguez, a cleaning woman who was last seen there during her Tuesday night shift. While surveillance cameras show her entering and on certain floors, there was no sign of her leaving the building. The Post reports, "Rodriguez left her to clean the bathroom on fifth floor as usual when she received odd instructions from an unknown person telling her to work on the eighth floor instead. [She] called [a co-worker] to tell her of the change in plans and was not heard from again." The co-worker was later worried and "She and a supervisor found the Inwood resident's cart in the ladies' room, and her mop and hair clip strewn about in a room housing air conditioning units." No arrests have been made, but the police did question the building's freight elevator operation, Joseph Pabon, who has a "lengthy list of prior arrests including one for a violent attack on his girlfriend's car with a bowling ball" and who "inexplicably left work early on Tuesday night." Police had been searching a Pennsylvania landfill for her remains yesterday.