2007_11_65doa.jpgThe police found a 52-year-old stabbed to death inside a jewelry store on East 65th Street off Madison Avenue this morning. The woman's family had reported her missing.

They found the woman stabbed in the torso at the Michael Dawkins store around 4AM. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The police have no suspects at this time.

According to WABC 7, the store sells jewelry and also has antique home furnishings and mirrors inside. It was also featured in the movie Live and Let Die as a voodoo shop. And the store is located in a ritzy area of Manhattan that usually doesn't see violent crime. This murder will be the third this year for the 19th Police Precinct (here's a PDF of crime stats through 11/4), the others being the killing of an apartment doorman by his girlfriend's jealous ex and the murder of Linda Stein.