The Hollis resident whose disappearance worried her family—especially after they received a text from her number saying, "The girl with this phone is dead"—has been found alive and in "good health" in Texas. According to the Daily News, Rajwinder Kaur, 26, "first traveled [to] Syracuse, where she caught a bus to Austin. A friend there alerted authorities to her whereabouts."

Kaur, a former social worker, had been volunteering at shelters and was last seen at her home on Sunday night, before she was going to volunteer. Her family insisted that the text they received was not a joke and that she didn't join a cult (Kaur had reportedly become very spiritual after a trip to India and been selling her possessions on eBay), with her sister saying, "It doesn’t make sense. She wouldn’t want to leave us."

There were some reports that Kaur may have been escaping an arranged marriage, but her brother Gary Atwal told the News, "There’s no truth to it at all. In our family we’re very open... we’ve never stopped her from anything. Both of my sisters have been married at their own will so why would we be arranging for our third sister to be married?”

Her sister Gurpreet Kaur told WCBS 2, "There are no words to express our sincere gratitude to the NYPD, family, friends, and everyone that assisted with this search. The alarming text message was our biggest concern and we are just relieved that she is alive and well. Please respect our family’s privacy as this is a difficult time."