The body of a young woman was discovered on Staten Island yesterday, and investigators have determined it belongs to a pregnant woman who had been missing for nearly two weeks.

Megan Marotte, a 20-year-old Graniteville resident and former student at the College of Staten Island, was reported missing on August 7th, just a few weeks after she was arrested for allegedly driving while impaired by drugs—she was supposed to appear in court on August 26th. Searches for her proved fruitless, but on Thursday afternoon police officers found the body of a young white female in a wooded area near where Marotte had last been seen on August 4th. Family members prepared for the worst. "It's hard," Marotte's uncle Sean Lichota told the SI Advance yesterday morning as he awaited identification from the NYPD.
The Medical Examiner's office confirmed the body belonged to Marotte on Friday evening. "Honestly, we are absolutely devastated. A lot of it is just shock right now, everybody is numb," Lichota told SI Advance.

The body was discovered after a woman complained of a foul stench emanating from Willowbrook park yesterday afternoon. "It's not an everyday smell, it's a really bad smell—and one I will never forget," the woman, identified only as Linda, told SI Advance. After an hour-long search, cops discovered the decomposing body; according to a written statement from the deputy commissioner, 'There were no obvious signs of trauma," but the body was naked from the waist down.

Marotte's family members say the young woman had been battling a drug addiction for a few years, particularly after her father died in 2011. "She went into a downward spiral since her dad passed," Lichota told SI Advance last week. "She has struggled. She has had missteps. But everyone has had missteps of varying degrees. That doesn't change the fact that she is loved and missed."