A pair of 16-year-old girls from Ohio who had been missing since Monday were found in Manhattan yesterday. Apparently, one of the girls' mothers saw her daughter's Facebook photo that showed her in the Times Square McDonald's.

Trinity Goodwin and Haley Flowers were reported missing last week from their hometown of Lancaster, Ohio. Goodwin's mother found her car missing last Sunday morning and the Eagle-Gazette had reported, "Police reports indicate the pair might be traveling together, though April Flowers, Haley's mother, maintains the two are not friends."

According to the Daily News, "After Haley’s mom, April Flowers, noticed her daughter posted a photo of Times Square billboards on Facebook, she pinpointed where the pic was taken—in a McDonalds at the Crossroads of the World. So Flowers started calling NYPD precincts, coming up empty until she got Officer Alex Delgado on the line at the Midtown North station house."

When officers couldn't find the girls at McDonalds, Delgado reportedly "asked Flowers if he could send her daughter a Facebook message, and, sure enough, she responded. He convinced the girls to meet officers at a T-Mobile store in Duffy Square Saturday night, cops said."

Flowers' parents are traveling to NYC to pick her up—her mother marveled, "It is crazy. My daughter went to New York, Times Square. I have no idea how she got there. She stayed there for a week and survived. How? She had nowhere to stay, nothing. Almost a week!"

Goodwin, however, was arrested for stealing her mother's car. The Post says she was awaiting to be arraigned and that Ohio wants to extradite her.