Authorities are investigating whether a 65-year-old Manhattan woman was murdered by her relatives, after her body was found stuffed into a trash bag outside a New Jersey home on Tuesday. Police have taken three people into custody, including one of the woman's sons.

The NYPD could not pinpoint the cause of Paula Chin's death, although NBC 4 New York reports that investigators currently suspect a fatal stabbing in the course of a family financial argument.

Chin lived on Vestry Street, occupying a third-floor apartment in a building she reportedly owned, but she used to keep an address on Bailey Hollow Road in Morris Township, New Jersey—the same road where authorities found her body on February 5th. A family member reported her missing the previous day.

The NYPD currently has three people in custody at the 1st Precinct: Chin's son, 22-year-old Jared Eng, who reportedly lived with his mother on Vestry Street; Manhattan resident Jennifer Lopez, 18; and 21-year-old Caitlyn O'Rourke of Patterson, New Jersey. They have all been charged with concealment of a corpse, although police are investigating the incident as a homicide: According to NBC 4, they believe Chin may have been stabbed in the throat, her body then packed into a car and driven over state lines to New Jersey.

Once they have a warrant, officers will search Chin's apartment, as well as the vehicle that may have been used to move the body. The investigation is ongoing, and we will update as we learn more.