L-R: James Haggerty, the painting, Thomas Doyle

This art caper is turning out to be better than the criminally underrated 1991 classic Hudson Hawk—okay, nothing is better than that, but it's pretty captivating none-the-less. To recap, six weeks ago a $1MM+ painting went missing after an art courier—James Haggerty—claimed to have lost it after having too many drinks following a failed sale of the masterpiece. Nearly two hours were unaccounted for between his leaving the hotel bar and getting back to his apartment, so one of the co-owners of the painting, Kristyn Trudgeon, decided to file a lawsuit.

Turns out her lover, Thomas Doyle, had hired Haggerty, and was a convicted art thief himself. The lawsuit was dropped, everyone looked suspicious, and Haggerty eventually went missing. But now word has come out that the painting has returned! Turns out the doorman of a building on East 81st Street allegedly found it in the bushes the day after Haggerty lost it. Franklin Puentes told the NY Post that he held on to it believing it may belong to one of the residents of the building. When no one claimed it, he took it for himself, and then he left town, for what he claims was a three-week vacation.

While Puentes hasn't been charged with anything, authorities (now in possession of the painting) don't seem to be buying his story. One source told the paper, "The doorman brought it in to the 19th Precinct at 3 p.m. on September 12. He found the painting at the end of July. He doesn’t know the date. He went away on a three week vacation and stored the painting in his locker at the building where he works. He says he found it outside the building. FBI made two arrests in regards to this case. His story is definitely weird. It doesn't make sense."

Puentes told the NY Times, “I feel very bad; I have no comments. As far as I’m concerned, I did what the law required.” His family says he's "a little worried" about becoming a part of the investigation, which he says he only learned about upon his return from vacation, at which time he promptly dropped the painting off at the precinct. Something tells us this isn't the last dramatic twist in this story, someone out in Hollywood better be drafting up a script right about now...