2005_04_mysubwride.jpgThis is one of those stories that could have been terrible but luckily ended up all right: A 10 year-old boy was missing from his Bronx home for two days, worrying his family and the police. It turned out that Kingston Jamison decided to visit his uncle's house in Coney Island Friday afternoon. After hanging out with some friends, the Daily News says Jamison was "too afraid to come home when he knew he was going to be late," so he just stayed with his friends for another two days until he saw his photograph in the papers and on the news. So on Sunday, Jamison took the subway back and stood outside his building, still scared, until a neighbor brought him inside. His family was thrilled to have him back, but his sister said, "Tomorrow, we'll have a nice family talk about what's going on." Dunh dunh dunh!

Jamison's family was surprised that he could take the subway all the way to Coney Island when their trips had mainly been to Yankee Stadium. After consulting Hopstop, it seems that you can take the D from his neighborhood all the way, but it would be a 90 minute journey. The police said, "Kids now are pretty sophisticated." Gothamist is impressed as well, as sometimes we can barely keep it together for our morning commute.

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