A 33-year-old Brooklyn woman has been missing since July 22, her second-to-last correspondence a text to her mother that said that she was "scared." Greenpoint resident Dana Lauren Bonanno is described by police as having brown eyes, standing 5-foot-1 and weighing around 110 pounds. She was last seen on Freeman Street wearing a blue dress.

According to lohud.com, Bonanno asked her roommates around 11 p.m. if they wanted anything from a nearby store. She arrived home with the items, and left again shortly thereafter. This time, she did not return.

Bonanno, who is originally from the Putnam County town of Patterson, has lived in New York City since 2011, and Brooklyn since 2012. She worked on music production in her spare time, hoping eventually to land a full time job in the field, one of her friends told us.

Bonanno's mother Donna said her daughter had called her twice and texted her just after 11 p.m. with the words "I'm scared..." Connor asked her daughter why, and received only "..." as a response. Bonanno had been laid off from her job in May, an event that friends said left her deeply upset.

Bonanno's mother and friends have been vehement in spreading the word of Bonanno's disappearance, starting a Facebook page and urging the media (including us) to disperse Bonanno's image and information.

Anyone with information about Bonanno is encouraged to call the the 94th Precinct at (718) 383-3879 or Detective Richard Carney at (718) 383-8456.