The 22-year-old French tourist and rapper who went missing in the Bronx on Monday has been found four days later in a local hospital.

Arthur Astie had been in the city for about a week when he disappeared. He was supposed to get a 2 train from Brooklyn back to Harlem on Monday night, where he was staying with his family, but instead mistakenly got on the 5 train. He was supposed to fly back to France on Tuesday.

His friend, Sara Ripp, told CBS that Astie does not speak English well and did not know where he was supposed to be getting off. The last anyone heard from him was when Astie called his father saying he was trying to get back to Harlem. "He called his father to say, ‘I’m coming home; don’t worry,'" Ripp said. "He said he was headed underground to go back to Harlem, and that’s the last communication anybody had with him."

Cops confirmed today that Astie was found "in good condition" at an unspecified hospital in The Bronx late on Friday. It's not clear why he ended up in the hospital, how family members finally tracked him down, or what happened during the last four days. But at least one person saw him on Tuesday seemingly having a fun time in Harlem.