0805corliss.jpgAfter trying to parachute off of the Empire State Building in 2006, Jeb Corliss found himself in front of a judge; at first the charges were dismissed, but earlier this year he was charged with reckless endangerment. The misdemeanor could turn the daredevil into a caged bird for up to one year.

However, the Eyewitness News has learned that some key evidence in his case has vanished! What's more, they report that it appears to have been a deliberate theft. The now-missing videotapes, two in total, came from the helmet cam Corliss wore the day of the jump; they disappeared from the NYPD's property clerk's office sometime over the last two weeks. Eyewitness News spoke to Corliss's attorney:

Corliss' attorney, Mark Jay Heller: "Someone at the police department has outdone him and performed the spectacular feat of making the evidence disappear, in spite of remarkable security there."

Sarah: "You think this was deliberate?"

Heller: "I think it was not only deliberate, but it was intentional."

Corliss' attorney believes the video from that helmet cam would contradict sworn statements by police officers who testified that Corliss acted recklessly. He says that could expose them to perjury charges. "My client did not act recklessly, that he did not make physical contact with any of the police officers," Heller said.

Back in March, Corliss told us some of what might be seen on those tapes, saying, "As you can see from the video of me at the Empire, a person can get over those bars in about 10 seconds with 3 security guards standing 3 feet away. These security guards were tipped off that I was coming and they knew my whole plan. Yet they were still unable to stop me from getting over the bars." Certainly sounds like no contact was made, and while the NYPD investigates, Heller is now preparing a motion to dismiss the case.