2006_12_missingcouple.jpgThe bodies of Wayne and Dianne Guay, who had been missing while traveling to NYC from South Carolina for the holidays, were found yesterday. The car had crashed off I-95 in North Carolina and was found in a swampy creek off the highway. The Guays were former city employees - Wayne worked for the sanitation department, Dianne for the Board of Education - who had lived in Queens but retired to South Carolina six years ago. The couple had left their home last Thursday; when they didn't arrive in Queens that night or answer their cellphones, their family became worried and went to the media to plead for help.

The family says that they found the submerged car first, by way of a helicopter they rented, while authorities say a transportation employee reported floating luggage yesterday. The family still criticized the search saying, "We actually got more assistance from the NYPD than from the [South Carolina] Horry County Police Department." And it turns out that someone had called 911 to report an accident last Thursday, but emergency workers who arrived on the scene could not locate it. However, there were skid marks still on the road; according to the Post, authorities believe "crashed into a divider, slammed into a tree and then hit an embankment before plunging into the swamp."