2005_07_matsushita.jpgA Bronx man who moved to London has been feared dead ever since Thursday's bomb blasts. Michael Matsushita, who lived with his fiancee, usually took the Picadilly Circus line, but he did not show up at work. The Daily News said that Matsushita left New York because he was depressed over September 11, but the NY Times says a friend told the media that he left NYC in February 2001. Matsushita had moved to Australia as an IT recruiter, later becoming a tour guide in South Asia, and falling in love with another tour guide, Rosie Cowen, his fiancee. Matsushita moved back to her native town of London recently.

There are still no official reports of American deaths in London, though there have been injuries; some train cars have not been reached by emergency crews because the tunnels are unstable and dangerous.