Investigators, searching for missing bride-to-be and Yale graduate student Annie Le, found a body in the New Haven research building where Le was last seen. While the body has not been identified as Le's, New Haven police are assuming it is hers. According to the Hartford Courant, "The body was found inside a chase, a square area in a wall used to run pipes and wires from floor to floor. Police would not say in what area of the building the body was found. Le's family has been contacted." The 24-year-old, who was supposed to be married to Columbia graduate student Jonathan Widawsky on Long Island yesterday, had been missing since Tuesday, when she was last seen entering the building (she had left her purse, credit cards and cell phone in her office a few blocks away).

Investigators from local, state and federal agencies had been searching the building, as well as a trash facility, in recent days for clues. Some bloody clothes had been found in the building, but they do not appear to be the ones Le was last wearing. Yale will be holding a candlelight vigil tonight, as students worry—one told the Yale Daily News, "It’s pretty terrifying knowing that in a keycard-accessed building, in broad daylight, this could happen. It kind of makes me not want to go anywhere by myself."

Update: NBC News reports that a suspect has been identified by police, "The suspect has defensive wounds, and failed a polygraph test, police said."