2006_09_babynyckay.jpg The 6-month-old baby who went missing with a babysitter Friday morning while her aunt went to a job interview has been found. Or rather the babysitter, Crystal Corbet, turned herself into the 84th Precinct station house with the baby last night around 8:30 last night. "The baby was transferred to an area hospital for examination and police would not comment on her condition."

Corbet and the baby, Nyckay Mallory, disappeared Friday while Mallory's normal aunt and sitter Natawa Sayles went for a job interview at Macy's. When Sayles returned Corbet and Nyckay were nowhere to be found. Because Nyckay's mother, Tanya Mallory, had known that Corbet was going to be watching the baby the Police wouldn't "say it's a kidnapping because they knew each other."

Curiously, Corbet had showed up at the station house on Friday night to get property taken from her by the NYPD in a different altercation last week (the cops won't say what about). As she didn't have ID, and the police "didn't know at the time that she was a suspect in the disappearance," she was not given back her belongings and went on her merry way.

Corbet is now in police custody, though it is unclear if any charges have been filed.