Get out your ALL CAPS-happy Comic Sans-font conspiracy theory keyboard, because it's time to figure out this missile thing. Earlier this week, a missile was spotted over California, and it's still a mystery (at least to us civilians) as to where it came from. Well, last night the mystery went bi-coastal, and around 5 p.m. a missile was spotted over Far Rockaway, Queens!

According to the NY Post, a passer-by saw what looked like the exhaust from a launched missile, and took the photograph here (on the right). He told the paper, "It looked like a rocket," and noted that the plume appeared to the west of the Rockaways, meaning it could have been over Brooklyn or New Jersey. He also said it did not resemble "the usual contrails left by planes" from nearby JFK Airport.

As for the California missile (pictured on the left), the Pentagon closed that case already saying it was just an optical illusion created by a plane. However, the cameraman who captured that one said, "It was unique. It was moving. It was growing in the sky." Somewhere, Mulder and Scully are looking in to all of this for us. In the meantime, if you need us, we'll be inside of the Brooklyn Bridge.