2006_12_usateenuni.jpgThe Miss USA situation has reached the scandal point: Miss USA Tara Conner has reportedly tested positive for drugs and was kicked out of her apartment at Trump Place on the Upper West Side. Conner went back home to Kentucky as gossip about her illegal (she's underage) partying ways reached the media. The Daily News revealed Conner failed drug test (a person told the News that she was seen snorting cocaine at a nightclub) and enjoyed partying with her fellow underage pageant winner, Miss Teen USA Katie Blair. One person told the News, "Tara was a party animal. I've seen [Conner and Blair] kiss before. They always dance all sexy on the tables. ... They definitely get close."

Conner, Blair and Miss Universe, 19 year old Zuleyka Rivera, all live in a Trump Place apartment (Donald Trump co-owns the pageants). Apparently Conner and Blair got Rivera drunk on her birthday, which angered pageant officials. A doorman at her building told the Post, "She does not live here anymore. She is not allowed any where on Trump property. She is certainly not allowed to come back. I don't think it was her choice, really."

The quotes from the story are crazy - apparently everyone at Miss USA hated Conner, she latched onto party promoters, she "always complained how it was a pain in the ass to wake up in the morning and she had to get crazy s--- done to her teeth." One person observed that Conner's smalltown roots were no match for the big city.

TMZ.com has a clip of Conner criticizing the partying ways of Paris Hilton. And Miss USA runner-up Tamiko Nash is supposedly on standby to take over as Miss USA.

Photograph of (from left) Tara Conner, Miss Teen USA Katie Blair, Melania Trump, Donald Trump and Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera at a luncheon honoring Melania Trump