Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo made a repeat appearance on the Today Show this morning to share her "racy" photographs with Matt Lauer. This is how the Today Show website describes the photographs, which are apparently the ones someone took from Polumbo's Facebook profile and mailed to pageant officials:

The photos really aren’t that bad, by contemporary standards, but they aren’t necessarily good for the 22-year-old theater major’s public image, either.

One shows a smiling Polumbo with a man she identified as her boyfriend, his open mouth over her left breast. Polumbo is fully clothed in the photo, which appeared to be snapped at a nightclub...

Another photo shows Polumbo, wearing blue jeans, spreading her legs high in the air. She said the photo was taken in a limousine during a birthday celebration for a friend. Two men are smiling in the background.

“We were tumbling around and someone took a photograph,” Polumbo said.

Polumbo is clothed in every photograph; she says she was 21 in the photographs where she's drinking and she says she was posing with the little Halloween gourds because a friend said she was flat-chested. Polumbo says she wanted to make the pictures public because there's been so much speculation. And while she's "sick" to her stomach about revealing them, Polumbo did admit that her behavior in some was not "ladylike. But I’m not a robot. I’m also a theater major. It was a mistake with my friends, acting silly ... What I think is OK, someone else’s eyebrows could be raised.”

She also made a point of saying the supposed photographs of her in today's Daily News are not of her. And a fashion note: Polumbo was wearing a yellow outfit - it looked like a dress with a matching cardigan - today, which seems much more demure than her red tank top and black skirt from Monday.


Polumbo and her lawyer allege that the packages (a second one was sent later) were sent to her and pageant officials in an attempt to get Polumbo to step down. NJ pageant officials will be deciding her fate today; one told the Daily News, "They sound like Halloween dressup pictures. I mean, you see a lot more skin - a lot more skin - in our bathing suit competition." Her friends and family have been standing by her, as are her classmates at Wagner College on Staten Island.

Do you think the photographs are bad? They probably aren't great for aspiring pageant queens, but they're pretty tame - we were expecting much worse.