Sure, cops have been known to park in bike lanes like everybody else, but this is ridiculous! Or perhaps it's serving some vital public safety emergency? We don't know; a reader just sent us this photo taken today from the Manhattan Bridge, looking down on the recently installed bike lanes on Allen Street. He adds, "I've never seen cops parked down there at all, especially not in the bike lanes."

But until we hear from the NYPD about the necessity of this police action, we're adding this to the list of grievances about motorists' disregard for bike lanes, and cops' seeming reluctance to ticket them. Transportation Alternatives spokesman Wiley Norvell looked at the photo and wondered, "How can the driving public be expected to stay out of bike lanes when New York’s Finest block them? It burns to have protected bike lanes and pedestrian plazas turned into carmageddon before they’re even completed."