061208copbikeblock.jpgPhoto courtesy Clinton Hill Blog.

It’s a common complaint from cyclists that the NYPD doesn’t seem too interested in ticketing the myriad drivers who use the city’s bike lanes as a double-parking lot. (My Bike Lane is dedicated to the phenomenon.) And it’s not uncommon to see a cop car idling in a bike lane while the officer does a little shopping. But this is getting ridiculous: A Clinton Hill blog reader reports that the NYPD has been parking what looks to be a fleet of squad cars in a "Class II" bike lane on DeKalb Avenue near Classon Avenue in Brooklyn.

This intersection has already become a traffic nightmare, and now cyclists have to divert out into traffic that’s already dangerous. Surely there must be a better way to arrange this. With a huge increase in neighborhood traffic (especially on Sundays with the Flea), this isn’t cool.

Maybe it’s just a police checkpoint to make sure cyclists have the legally required bell, light and reflectors? Or perhaps the city needs to paint it a vibrant green, like some other bike lanes, to better catch the officers’ eyes? There must be a logical explanation, because one would hate to think the NYPD harbors any ill will toward cyclists!