Almost 1,000 patients will need new blood tests after Bronx-Lebanon Hospital found that six patients' blood samples were mislabeled. The NY Times reports that "six patients being treated by outpatient clinics at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center had received inaccurate test results last year." While the hospital calls the mixed-up results "isolated incidents" for six patients on six different days, the hospital "decided to retest every patient tested on those six days, plus all the patients tested the day before and the day after." And that encompasses 920 patients—including children—who were at the hospital's clinics on 18 days between April and December 2008. Spokesman Errol Schneer told the Times, "We regret any inconvenience that’s been caused to any of our patients, and we will be addressing the matter through retesting and also through providing them with round-trip MetroCards." He added, "It’s not just a New York City issue; the issue of medical errors is one that’s being addressed throughout the country."