Inside the city, it's pouring and windy (your umbrella may be battered by the time you get to work!). Outside the city, it's raining and snowing. According to 1010 WINS, motorists are confronting a "wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow across the region." The rain could turn into freezing rain in NJ, where there have been a number of accidents already. And the rain poses issues for street flooding in the city (there's a flash flood watch for the Tri-State region).

Some schools outside of NYC had delayed openings or closings as residents deal with the mess. One NJ resident told WCBS 2 this was the last thing she wanted to deal with after a long shift at the restaurant, "I'm not liking the snow right now, definitely not liking it," but one high school senior saw the glass as half full, "It's a great thing, get to sleep in. No school, hopefully."