After a Thanksgiving night massacre against the New England Patriots—highlighted by Mark Sanchez's already immortal butt fumble in the midst of the Pats scoring three touchdowns in 52 seconds—Jets fans are understandably depressed. Some are blaming Sanchez, some are blaming seemingly delusional coach Rex Ryan, some are praying to Tebow, and others are hurling turkey. “I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie ‘The Matrix,’ but it felt like I was in ‘The Matrix,’ ” Damien Woody, former Jets offensive lineman and ESPN analyst, told the Times. “It’s like it wasn’t even real, seeing something like that happen. It’s just so strange. You don’t see that in N.F.L. games.”

“I think a lot of turkey was thrown up last night,” Jets fan Sean Deegan told the Post. “It was horrible what fans had to witness...That had to be one of the worst things I have ever seen.” Deegan noted that the lopsided, pathetic loss has even driven Fireman Ed, the most famous Jets fan in America, to go MIA. He left the game early, deleted his Twitter account, and took down two of his fan pages on Facebook.

The Jets' midtown store was a ghost town yesterday following the loss: “I came here looking to get a friend a Dustin Keller jersey," said downtrodden fan Dianne Melina. "But a part of me is glad they didn’t have his size because it’s embarrassing walking in the city with Jets merchandise right now.”

Ryan has taken the brunt of the criticisms, with the NY Post, Daily News and ESPN all going after him—both for the terrible play of the team, as well as his poor decision to get Tebow dressed as backup QB despite two broken ribs. Ryan has kept up his optimistic demeanor, which is not winning him any fans: "To say that (the Patriots are) that much better than us? No, I don't believe that," Ryan said. "They're a good football team, there's no question, they're an excellent football team. But to say we'll never catch them? That's ridiculous. There's absolutely no percent of a chance that I believe that in my heart, and I'll never concede that."

But it isn't just Ryan whom fans have lost faith in: Deegan, who publishes, is pissed off at the MetLife Stadium employee who set off fireworks after the Jets made a field goal to end the first half, which put the game at 35-3. “I hope that guy is the first guy to get fired,” Deegan said.