Columbia-Minutemen fracas from a few weeks ago continues to simmer, as the Minutemen now want to sue the university and members of the Chicano Caucus. The Columbia Spectator reports (on what the Bwog mentioned last week) that the group wants to sue "for discrimination and defamation of character during the Minuteman events and protests at the beginning of this month and in subsequent public interviews." While the suit hasn't been filed just yet, the Minutemen says that political chair of the Chicano Caucus Karina Garvia will be named in it for saying "It was our right and our duty and our obligation to stand up on stage and say, 'This man is a murderer, this man is a racist, and we do not support him,'" during a Democracy Now show. Additonally, Marvin Stewart, who was speaking before Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist took the stage, apparently filed police reports about belongings "stolen from the stage and that the use of a racial epithet during the protest constituted a hate crime."

Yesterday, the NY Times looked at Columbia President - and First Amendement scholar - Lee Bollinger's free speech stance given this incident as well as many other instances at the the school were speech seems to have been shut down. And did you see Jim Gilchrist on The Colbert Report? Stephen Colbert didn't run across the stage from his desk to the interview area - it was probably in Gilchrist's rider that no one approach him suddenly before speaking.