2006_2_nyulaw1.jpg The Washington Square News has an interesting article about minority students' demands for a minority lounge. The lounge would be located in Furman Hall, the new building on Sullivan Street. Obviously, the idea of a racially-segregated lounge raises some interesting questions about discrimination and equal opportunity:

The all-ALSA space is not a ‘segregated’ area — all are welcome, but it should be understood that this is a place where students of color can go to feel comfortable, to talk without hesitation, to be surrounded by those that understand or are more open to understanding their experience in law school,” another anonymous member said in the petition.

Some said such a lounge would undermine diversity at the university and could even be considered a form of segregation.

“I thought we had come to a consensus that segregation is harmful to everyone,” said Dino LaVerghetta, a third-year law student and member of the NYU chapter of the Federalist Society, a national group of college Conservatives and Libertarians. “No matter its purpose, [segregation] is both wrong and destructive to social harmony and development.”

What do you think-- should minorities have their own lounges at NYU's colleges and graduate schools? And if they do, what other groups should be entitled to a lounge? Certainly womens groups and GLBT organizations might want to consider asking for the same thing. And what happens when some crazy group of white students asks for the Honorary KKK Lounge? Do they get one too?