Over the past few days the storm off the coast has been the Fugazi of weather systems. It's been doing its own thing, shooting spokes of clouds and rain over New York and New England, completely independent of the world of weather circulating around it. Over the next day or two, however, it appears that the low will get ambushed and be incorporated into the mainstream atmospheric circulation.

Today's cooler weather is one sign that the storm is about to be kicked away. Even though the skies are gloomy, dry air at lower levels is moving in, diminishing the chance of rain. At least some clouds and cool air will stick around through tomorrow. Friday will be clear and a little bit warmer. Weekend highs should be in the 80s, but there's a chance of a shower on Sunday.

Does everyone know that today is Heat Awareness Day? Gothamist didn't until this morning. Even though Heat Awareness Day is a joint effort of the Weather Service and the NYS Emergency Management Office, the latter hasn't seen fit to mention it on their website.

On average 170 Americans die of heat-related causes each year. That's more than tornadoes, lightning and floods combined. Forty-two city residents died in last summer's heat wave. Heat-related deaths are nearly always preventable. The combination of hot weather and high humidity kills by taxing a body beyond its ability to cool. Keeping the body cool, by staying in an air conditioned building, drinking proper fluids, staying out of the sun, and not overexerting, are the keys to avoiding heat-related illnesses. Those most at risk include the elderly and children under a year old among others. With any luck we will not have an extended heat wave again this summer. We'll post more details should the need arise.

Visible satellite image from the National Weather Service.