Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty were arrested after getting into a fight in Times Square yesterday, because, as we learned from cartoon zoology class, cats and mice are mortal enemies. And because within these creatures' plush exteriors are two human women who may or may not harbor human anger issues.

The Daily News reports that Sandra Mocha, 34, and Giovanna Melendez, 40, were arrested and charged with assault after getting into a fight at around 3:30 p.m. yesterday. Mocha and Melendez were wearing Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty costumes at the time, ensuring a thickening of child therapists' wallets nationwide.

Stories of costumed characters getting carted off by the cops for fighting, tourist-grifting, or worse are not uncommon in this town, and some City Councilmembers have been pushing for regulations like requiring characters to get fingerprinted and legally licensed.

The NYPD was unable to provide further information at press time.