Yesterday, a tipster told Gawker that actress Minka Kelly had "caused such a fucking scene about her dog not being able to be on seat w/ her that the pilot had to come out before we even left the gate" at JFK Airport, while heading to Los Angeles on a Delta flight. And the tipster claimed the Friday Night Lights starlet called her boyfriend, Derek Jeter, to talk to pilot! Luckily Kelly's lawyer Marty Singer was able to set the story straight, "I know that the story that was reported in Gawker is a complete lie. If someone threw a fit on a plane, they'd be thrown off the plane in 30 seconds."

Apparently the Delta crew told Kelly that her cockapoonamed Chewie couldn't be stowed under the chair in front of her (because the seats in first class don't have that kind of space) during takeoff and landing. Kelly herself told the Post, "I asked to speak to a supervisor, please. I called my manager's assistant to make sure she arranged everything and went through certain steps to make sure the dog can fly... I didn't think there'd be a problem."

Luckily, a fellow first-class passenger's father, who was sitting in coach, offered to let Kelly sit in coach during takeoff and landing. How's that for a Hollywood ending? However, Kelly didn't comment on this older Gawker tip about her.