A few nights ago, there seems to have a really nutty car chase involved a minivan with a family in it. WABC 7 says the chase started in the LES, when police wanted to pull over a a blue minivan that hit a couple cars at Essex and Delancey. But the driver decided to keep driving, heading over the Williamsburg Bride, until he crashed into more cars at South 5th and Havemeyer! It sounds like a bad movie (or funny comedy) - luckily the injuries suffered by eight people (six from the minivan, two cops) were not too serious.

Car chases are big business for some news stations - when they broadcast them, their ratings go up, as they did during this Houston car chase. Has there been a car chase broadcast by any local NYC stations lately? We can't recall any - perhaps because traffic sucks or maybe because news stations don't want to encourage that kind of behavior.