It's the summer, so the only stories that are interesting anyone concern weird bloated creatures that wash up from the East River and... 22-year-old State Senate candidates with hot pink, blingy websites? Mindy Meyer, the law school student and Republican candidate challenging State Senator Kevin Parker (who is no stranger to trouble) for the 21st District in Brooklyn, has become a media darling, thanks to her, well, different approach. For instance, this is what she told Capital New York's Azi Paybarah: "My campaign manager just spoke to Kim Kardashian's publicist because she's a diva and everything, so they're getting back to me because we're trying to get her endorsement because, you know, she, whatever, my website is literally like her." LITERALLY LIKE HER? LIKE LITERALLY?

On Good Day New York, Meyer told Rosanna Scotto and Dave Price that she was first inspired by Rudy Giuliani, whom she met when she was 11, "I told him he was the best mayor we ever had and he said, 'I'm probably the only mayor you ever had!'" Thanks, Giuliani, you created "Mindy Meyer 4 Senate!"

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Meyer complained about Parker, "He has been in office for 10 years and he prides himself on the changes he made for NYC water. I think it's pretty sad. He should have advocated more for womens rights." Keep in mind that Meyer, an Orthodox Jew, has stated that she's pro-life (plus she also would have voted against gay marriage). On her website, her stance on abortion begins "Mindy believes women today have choices" but ends with "In addition, there are many couples who are longing to provide a warm and loving home for these children through adoption."

As for her MySpace-like website, Meyer points out, "I was trying to attract the attention of my young constituents in the district to show them the politics can be exciting and I decided to channel my adventurous side into my website and to show people... to get them interested in politics. 've been on a lot of websites doing research. I've been on a lot of the senators' websites of the 50 states from Wyoming to Colorado and I literally fall asleep."

Also, for some leopard-printed LOLZ, here's more from Paybarah's Capital story, which suggests she's been looking at more websites than brushing up on... the state government:

I asked her about Andrew Cuomo, who has in many ways been a friend to the Republican majority in the State Senate.

She seemed unsure, at one point telling me, "Honestly, I'm not really familiar with him."

I said he was the governor. Meyer later said, "I'm not familiar with him in particular, his issues and, you know, and everything about him. You're asking me how I would work with him?"

Yes, I said.

"Yeah, so, I guess I would have to see if I was elected," she said.

And, for further LOLZ, try the Mindy Meyer Loves Pink Tumblr.