Mindy Meyer, the Orthodox Jewish, Elle Woods-loving 22-year-old mounting a campaign to unseat State Senator Kevin Parker, is continuing her media blitz. After launching a hot-pink campaign website, she took The Jewish Daily Forward on a drive—complete with an illegal U-turn—and revealed, "I want to be known not just as the Senator of New York...I want to ultimately, you know, maybe one run in the presidential election and be there for the entire country." Country, you're on notice!

The video also shows Meyer introducing herself to various would-be constituents while trying to prove that she, a newbie Republican who doesn't know who Sheldon Silver or Dean Skelos are, deserves their vote (Parker's district covers Borough Park, Parkville, Prospect Park South, Kensington, Ditmas Park, Flatbush, East Flatbush, Farragut and Remsen Village). She repeatedly says that Parker, who has a troubled history, hasn't done much in his 10 years and emphasizes that she would fight for them, "I'm gonna represent what you want!" We must admit: Even though her face and hands are two different colors, she's pretty charming!

Other points in her Forward interview:

  • Meyer on the former half-term Alaska governor, "Sarah Palin is not one of my role models; she’s oblivious on a lot of the issues. I do not feel like I’m in any way like Sarah Palin." But they're both really pro-life!
  • On not knowing who Skelos (the State Senate majority leader, a fellow Republican) and Silver (the Assembly leader) are: "I know who they are, I just didn’t know what they look like."
  • On whether she'll meet Parker, "I mean, I don’t know how this works. Do you know?"