2008_04_mindmcc.jpgCountry singer Mindy McCready tearfully admitted to the Daily News that their story about her alleged 10-year affair with pitcher Roger Clemens was true. She said, "I cannot refute anything in the story."

Although it's not exactly clear when they started their affair--yesterday's article suggested McCready could have been as young as 15 when they started dating--today's article says they didn't start an "intimate" relationship until McCready was a star (and presumably of age). McCready read a prepared statement to the News:

Yes, I have known Roger Clemens for a long time," McCready said, reading from a prepared statement. "He's a kind and caring man. He's also a legendary athlete. The central topic in the debate, however, regards his professional life, not his personal life.

"There are legal matters working their way through the system that have nothing to do with me. From my point of view, that is where the focus should remain."

Those legal doings are because Clemens has sued his former trainer Brian McNamee for defamation.

A lawyer for McNamee, who said he injected the 7-time Cy Young winner with steroids, says if the defamation case isn't dimissed, McCready will be called as a witness. Lawyer Brian Emery said, "The point is whether he was damaged by the allegations that he used steroids - he claims he was hurt. But if there are other women - and there's not just one case, but many - and he holds himself out as a family man and an American paradigm, it's relevant...None of this would have been revealed but for his lawsuit and sanctimonious testimony before Congress."