A lawyer in lower Manhattan got a rude awakening yesterday when the police descended on 225 Broadway to raid his offices. Apparently David Jaroslawicz has some financiai dealings with Anna Gristina, the alleged "Millionaire Madam" and mother of four... like how his office was listed in paperwork for the Upper East Side address prosecutors say is Gristina's brothel. And how an LLC connected to his office owns the property where Gristina and her family live in Monroe, NY.

Jaroslawicz's own lawyer told DNAinfo, "The prosecutor was very clear that [Jaroslawicz] is not the target of the investigation in any way so there's no indication that he's been involved in any wrongdoing. There's no indication that he's furthering the business in any way and he does not own the brothel." But the Post reports that prosecutor Charles "Linehan at Gristina’s Feb. 23 arraignment told a judge that the alleged escort queen has a lawyer pal who helped her hide cash and owned the East 78th Street building where Gristina ran her 'brothel.' 'We believe he has basically locked money away for her,' Linehan added."

Gristina has been held at Rikers on $2 million bail. Though her defense insists that she doesn't have the money, prosecutors cite recordings where she's mentioned having money overseas as well as connected friends in law enforcement who will tip her off about investigations.

In the mean time, three people were arrested for their involvement in the alleged operation and are supposedly cooperating: Two women, "Catherine DeVries and Mhairiangela Bottone, have been charged with prostituting themselves at the E. 78th St. condo on July 27," and Jonas Gayer is accused of being the person laundering money for Gristina.