Bruce Ratner, whose net worth comes in around $400 million, is totally on board with de Blasio's plan to tax the city's wealthiest residents in order to finance universal pre-kindergarten, which comes with a projected annual price tag of $340 million. He says so yesterday on Bloomberg TV at the 3:44 mark, right after extolling the virtues of raising the minimum wage.

"Well, it's just a minimum amount of money," he told anchor Betty Liu. "The city increased city taxes for nine years under Giuliani and Dinkins for cops. We're going to now talk about increasing taxes less than that for education."

Liu asks if there was "something wrong" with de Blasio's approach.

"It's going to have to come from people like me," he responded. "I don't mind it. I can afford it. After tax, for a person who earns a million dollars a year, it's $1,000 a year."

Bruce Ratner: First and foremost, a Friend of the Common Folk.