2006_06_greencard.jpgA million-dollar fake green card marriage scheme was broken up by the feds. Queens resident Beverley Mozer-Browne was indicted for heading up a plan to offer citizenship through marriages to immigrants - for four years, Mozer-Browne ran "Help Preparers Professional Service," which would either match up people for marriage or make fake documents available, charging them $8,000-16,000 each. And Mozer-Browne got access to fake documents, as her brother worked for federal Citizenship and Immigration Services. About 20 people were charged for their involvement in the scheme. The NY Times points out how these kinds of cases are a national hot button:

In a 2002 report, the General Accounting Office said that federal immigration agencies lacked the ability to track and manage immigration benefits fraud cases. To promote the new crackdown, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials emphasize the role of document fraud in terrorist plots, noting that seven of the Sept. 11 hijackers used fraudulent residency certificates to obtain genuine Virginia identity documents and board airplanes.

The Brownes, who bought land in Florida and the Poconos with their proceeds, pleaded not guilty.