2005_07_millerkid.jpgThe accounting arm of Gifford Miller's campaign for mayor has some 'splaining to do: Apparently $1.6 million was spent to mail one of his fliers (it's always the fliers!), versus the $30,000 earlier estimated. And the problem is that taxpayer money was used for the mailings, as the fliers went out on behalf of most of the City Council's members. Miller spokeperson Steve Sigmund said that while the earlier information about the mailings costs were incorrect, the mailings were an appropriate way for the council to "communicate our budget priorities." Luckily, it looks like Miller has the support of J.C. Chasez, member of N Sync and, as far as we can tell, not a registered NY voter. Maybe he can get on N Sync's NYC region mailing list. The Politicker wonders if the political media will go to town with this flier snafu, since the Fields story is dying. Gothamist says, "Yes, and then they'll sniff out a flier problem from Ferrer's camp."

In the meantime, Anthony Weiner still owes $100,000 in Democratic party dues since January, which could get dicey for him because "the unpaid debt to the committee represents an asset Weiner used to raise funds, it might be considered an unreported in-kind contribution" (Newsday).