oakland_ice.jpgQuiz time! Which day was warmer, rainy, sleety Saturday or sunny Sunday? Hint: both days had a low temperature of 37 degrees.

The operative word for this week's weather is mild. Sunny, high in the low-60s today. Slightly warmer tomorrow and Wednesday. Maybe some rain on Thursday, but no change in temperature. Next weekend is currently looking mostly sunny and even milder, with high temperatures in the upper-60s.

It didn't happen in New York but Gothamist still found this bit of weather news amusing. A 12-18 inch block of ice fell from the sky in Oakland over the weekend, leaving the crater shown above. According to the Oakland Fire Hazardous Materials Team the ice was pure water. "It didn't come from a toilet on a plane or anything like that." The source of the ice is unknown. Ice can build-up on a plane. However, weather conditions on Saturday were not conducive to ice formation.

Quiz answer: Sunday's high temperature was 58 degrees, but Saturday's was 63 –achieved at midnight Friday/Saturday— making Saturday the warmer day.

Ice and crater photo from KTVU.com.